An ASPIRE scholar’s primary faculty sponsor must be a core engineering faculty member. Listed below is a sample of affiliated clinical faculty members available to serve as a secondary faculty sponsor. A scholar’s secondary mentor can be any faculty member at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine who has a strong collaborative relationship with a Johns Hopkins Engineering core faculty member.

NameDegree(s)TitlePrimary Department or ProgramResearch InterestsEmail
Anderson, WilliamMD/PhDAssociate ProfessorNeurosurgeryDeep brain stimulation therapies for movement disorders, epilepsy treatment[email protected]
Berger, RonaldMD/PhDProfessorCardiologyArrhythmia device development, arrhythmia mechanisms[email protected]
Crone, NathanMDProfessorNeurologyHuman intracranial EEG and brain stimulation[email protected]
Della Santina, CharleyMD/PhDProfessorOtolaryngologyVestibular neurophysiology, neural prostheses[email protected]
Fuchs, PaulPhDProfessorOtolaryngologySynaptic physiology of the inner ear[email protected]
Gamaldo, CharleneMDAssociate ProfessorNeurologySleep disorders[email protected]
Halperin, HenryMDProfessorCardiologyImaging in cardiac electrophysiology[email protected]
Hillel, AlexanderMDAssociate ProfessorOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryRegenerative medicine, Materials science for customized surgical applications, Immunology and Metabolomics of Fibrosis[email protected]
Kang, Joon-YiMDAssistant ProfessorNeurologyMinimally invasive epilepsy surgery, continuous electroencephalogram monitoring in the intensive care unit, status epilepticus[email protected]
Kwon, ChulanPhDAssociate ProfessorCardiologyHeart generation and regeneration[email protected]
O'Brien-Coon, DevinMDMedical DirectorTransgender HealthTissue engineering; Regenerative medicine; Materials science for customized surgical applications; Clinical outcomes and novel techniques in gender surgery; Analysis of disparities in transgender healthcare[email protected]
Mathias, RasikaScDAssociate ProfessorMedicine - Allergy and Clinical ImmunologyGenetic epidemiology with emphasis on cardiovascular, asthma, lung disease and other chronic disease processes.[email protected]
Neptune, Enid RosePhDAssociate ProfessorPulmonary MedicineTherapeutic strategies in Marfan syndrome; Mechanisms and prevention of progression of COPD; Hepatocyte growth factor signaling in airspace homeostasis[email protected]
Pathak, ArvindPhDAssociate ProfessorRadiologyFunctional and molecular imaging, tumor micro-environment[email protected]
Schneck, JonathanPhDProfessorOncologyImmunology[email protected]
Salas, RachelMDAssociate ProfessorNeurologySleep disorders, transcranial stimulation[email protected]
Tandri, HarikrishnaMRCPAssociate ProfessorCardiologyCardiac arrest, defibrillation, neuromodulation for arrhythmias[email protected]
Zhang, HuiPhDProfessorPathologyStructural and functional analyses of proteins, protein modifications by glycosylation, phosphorylation, and acetylation[email protected]