An ASPIRE scholar’s primary faculty sponsor must be a core engineering faculty member. Listed below is a sample of affiliated clinical faculty members available to serve as a secondary faculty sponsor. A scholar’s secondary mentor can be any faculty member at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine who has a strong collaborative relationship with a Johns Hopkins Engineering core faculty member.

NameDegree(s)TitlePrimary Department or ProgramResearch InterestsEmail
Anderson, WilliamMD/PhDAssociate ProfessorNeurosurgeryDeep brain stimulation therapies for movement disorders, epilepsy
Berger, RonaldMD/PhDProfessorCardiologyArrhythmia device development, arrhythmia
Crone, NathanMDProfessorNeurologyHuman intracranial EEG and brain
Della Santina, CharleyMD/PhDProfessorOtolaryngologyVestibular neurophysiology, neural
Fuchs, PaulPhDProfessorOtolaryngologySynaptic physiology of the inner
Gamaldo, CharleneMDAssociate ProfessorNeurologySleep
Halperin, HenryMDProfessorCardiologyImaging in cardiac
Hillel, AlexanderMDAssociate ProfessorOtolaryngology - Head and Neck SurgeryRegenerative medicine, Materials science for customized surgical applications, Immunology and Metabolomics of
Kang, Joon-YiMDAssistant ProfessorNeurologyMinimally invasive epilepsy surgery, continuous electroencephalogram monitoring in the intensive care unit, status
Kwon, ChulanPhDAssociate ProfessorCardiologyHeart generation and
O'Brien-Coon, DevinMDMedical DirectorTransgender HealthTissue engineering; Regenerative medicine; Materials science for customized surgical applications; Clinical outcomes and novel techniques in gender surgery; Analysis of disparities in transgender
Mathias, RasikaScDAssociate ProfessorMedicine - Allergy and Clinical ImmunologyGenetic epidemiology with emphasis on cardiovascular, asthma, lung disease and other chronic disease
Neptune, Enid RosePhDAssociate ProfessorPulmonary MedicineTherapeutic strategies in Marfan syndrome; Mechanisms and prevention of progression of COPD; Hepatocyte growth factor signaling in airspace
Pathak, ArvindPhDAssociate ProfessorRadiologyFunctional and molecular imaging, tumor
Salas, RachelMDAssociate ProfessorNeurologySleep disorders, transcranial
Tandri, HarikrishnaMRCPAssociate ProfessorCardiologyCardiac arrest, defibrillation, neuromodulation for
Zhang, HuiPhDProfessorPathologyStructural and functional analyses of proteins, protein modifications by glycosylation, phosphorylation, and