NameTitleDepartmentResearch InterestsEmailCourses Taught
Abebe, FasilAssociate ProfessorChemistrySmall molecule synthesis, spectroscopy techniques[email protected]CHEM 203L, Org Chemistry I Lab

CHEM 204L, Org Chemistry II Lab

CHEM 408, Advanced Organic Chemistry
Brown, Lisa D.Director, Office of Undergraduate Research and Associate ProfessorBiologyActivity dependent gene expression in skeletal muscle,
Critical thinking pedagogy,
Strategies for promoting critical thinking in science
[email protected]BIOL 201, Anatomy & Physiology I

BIOL 202, Anatomy & Physiology II

BIOL 209, Animal Physiology

HONR 106, Freshmen Honors Colloquium

HONR 206, Sophomore Honors Colloquium

HONR 306, Honors Thesis I

HONR 406, Honors Thesis II
Cole-Rhodes, ArleneInterim Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, ProfessorElectrical EngineeringSignal processing[email protected]EEGR 221, Signals and Systems

EEGR 322, Discrete Systems

EEGR 431, Liner Control Systems

EEGR 508, Advanced Linear Systems

EEGR 620, Image Processing

EEGR 622, Adaptive Signal Processing

EEGR 626, Optimization/ Numerical Methods
Gan, Xiao-XiongProfessorMathematicsApplied mathematics, pure mathematics[email protected]MATH 243, Calculus III

MATH 331, Applied Probability & Statistics

MATH 341, Advanced Calculus I

MATH 521, Real Analysis I

MATH 675, Topics in Analysis Seminar
Hohmann, ChristineProfessorBiologyDevelopmental neuroscience (animal models)
STEM pedagogy, undergraduate research training
[email protected]BIOL 450, Critical Analysis of the Scientific Literature

BIOL 451, Senior Research Thesis

BIOL 631, Bioethics
Ladeji-Osias, KemiProfessorElectrical EngineeringEmbedded systems[email protected]EEGR 105, Intro to Electrical & Computer Engineering

EEGR 211, Intro to Digital Logic

EEGR 412, Computer Organization

EEGR 499B, Intro to Biomedical Engineering
Li, YuejinAssistant ProfessorBiologyCellular and molecular mechanisms regulating heart
muscle function
[email protected]BIOL 105, Intro. Biology for Majors I

BIOL 106, Intro. Biology for Majors II

BIOL 209, Animal Physiology
McCarthy, PumtiwittInterim Chairperson and Associate Professor of ChemistryChemistryEnzymology, protein structure-function relationships, carbohydrate biosynthesis, chemoenzymatic synthesis, carbohydrate-based biomaterials, vaccine development[email protected]CHEM 304, Biochemistry I

CHEM 305, Biochemistry II
Nyarko, KofiProfessorElectrical EngineeringComputational engineering[email protected]EEGR 409, Programming Applications

EEGR 425, Java Programming Applications

EEGR 565, Machine Learning Applications

EEGR 672, Computer Graphics

EEGR 675, Computer Vision

EEGR 684, Machine Learning Algorithms
Sitther, VijiProfessorBiologyRenewable bioenergy, Biotechnology and genetic engineering , applications of nanomaterials in cyanobacterial systems[email protected]BIOL 105, Intro. Biology for Majors I

BIOL 106, Intro. Biology for Majors II

BIOL 408, Biomolecular Markers
Wachira, JamesAssociate ProfessorBiologyCell signaling, RNA packaging, cell growth and proliferation, and gene expression.[email protected]BIOL 310, Cellular & Molecular Biology

BIOL 526, Molecular Biology
Winstead, AngelaInterim Associate Dean and Professor of ChemistryChemistryOrganic and
organometallic synthetic chemistry
[email protected]CHEM 203, Org Chemistry I

CHEM 204, Org Chemistry II